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Desk Lifts, Furniture Risers, Desk Elevators, Bed Risers, Bed Lifts, or Storage Makers—regardless of what you call them they all work to elevate pieces of furniture above floor level. Raise Its serve all of the above purposes and offer something that most other solutions fail to provide. Raise Its are designed with universal application in mind. Each Raise Its offers 1" of elevation and the interlocking design means that they are "stackable" (up to 3 deep). This lets users choose the height that they require for each purpose. In addition, Raise Its are designed with stability in mind. The large 4" square design provides excellent stablity, noticeably more stable than many other solutions available.

The unique "multi-shape" design incorporates recesses and raised points that keep legs securely in place. Unlike many other solutions that are designed specifically for use with "round" or "square" legs, Raise Its can accommodate round, square & rectangular legs—even casters. The innovative design also creates a high degree of strength - with each single Raise It or column capable of supporting up to 600 lbs. Raise Its are easily installed in seconds.The durable polycarbonate Raise Its are available in either Black or Clear packs of 8, with each pack including 4 non-slip pads that fit into the underside of the unit. Should extra non-slip pads be required they are available for a nominal cost.

Create Storage Space - Make Furniture User Friendly - Improve Ergonomics

Reasons for needing Raise Its can vary widely. Tall individuals may find that their office furniture sits too low to offer sufficient clearance for their knees, or that their sofas or chairs sit too low to the floor, making for uncomfortable sitting. Older individuals may find that getting out of a chair or sofa is becoming more difficult for them, so choose to elevate the furniture to reduce the effort required and the strain on aging joints. Others simply want to find extra storage space and will use these to create convenient space below beds.

Raise Its in the Office

Raise Its are an inexpensive solution for adjusting desks and other work surfaces to the proper height. By installing Raise Its, you can create a comfortable, productive work environment by eliminating back and neck stress caused by slumping.
  • Allow your legs and knees to get under your desk, giving you full access to your desk
  • Adjust your worksurface so that you are comfortable for whatever task you are performing - writing, keyboarding/mousing, etc.
  • Elevate your desk to allow cables to run under the back and sides of the desk without being cut by the weight of the desk
  • Use them to elevate your CPU off the floor, assisting in ventilation and creating a static barrier
  • Raise stored boxes off the floor to prevent moisture damage

Raise Its at Home

Raise Its are an inexpensive solution for adjusting beds and other furniture in the home to make them more accessible and practical to use, and to gain storage space. Ideal for improving access for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.
  • Elevate your bed and other furniture to realize more storage space
  • Raise one end of a bed to reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Elevate sofas with sagging slipcovers and beds with dragging skirts
  • Elevate serving trays on a buffet and look like a professional
  • Adjust height of furniture for comfort, appearance and storage
  • Keep your furniture from moving on hardwood floors - protect your floors and baseboards!

What's in the Box?

Each box of Raise Its includes the following items:
  • 8 Raise Its per box (Black or Clear)
  • 4 Anti-Skid pads (additional pads can be purchased separately)

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