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Clear Raise-Its
Black Raise-Its - (RI-BLK)
Black Raise-Its

Raise-Its - Raising Furniture to a New Level!

Everyone has experienced the frustration of furniture not being high enough. Desks and/or worksurfaces are often not high enough to accomodate a person's legs, and beds or other pieces of furniture might not be high enough for storage or comfort. Raise-Its™ are an easy, inexpensive way to adjust the height of furniture to make tables, desks and beds more ergonomically appropriate or to provide more storage.

Each Raise-It is one inch high and four inches square. The risers are constructed of sturdy polycarbonate plastic, in either solid black or clear, with an interlocking design that allows as many as three to be safely stacked at a time. To use Raise-Its, simply stack and place under the legs or sides of furniture. A unique system of depressions in the top of each unit accomodates bed wheels of different sizes, as well as round legs, square legs and board-style furniture legs. Each box contains 4 non-skid rubber inserts which secure to the underside of the lowest Raise-It in a stack to ensure that the stack will remain safely in place on tile and wood floors. Raise-Its safely hold 600 pounds of weight per leg. Additional anti-skid inserts can be purchased separately.

In the Office


Raise-Its are an inexpensive solution for adjusting desks and other work surfaces to the proper height. By installing Raise-Its, you can create a comfortable, productive work environment by eliminating back and neck stress caused by slumping.

  • Allow your legs and knees to get under your desk, giving you full access to your desk
  • Adjust your worksurface so that you are comfortable for whatever task you are performing - writing, keyboarding/mousing, etc.
  • Elevate your desk to allow cables to run under the back and sides of the desk without being cut by the weight of the desk
  • Use them to elevate your CPU off the floor, assisting in ventilation and creating a static barrier
  • Raise stored boxes off the floor to prevent moisture damage


In the Home


Raise-Its are an inexpensive solution for adjusting beds and other furniture in the home to make them more accessible and practical to use, and to gain storage space. Ideal for improving access for individuals in wheelchairs or with limited mobility.

  • Elevate your bed and other furniture to realize more storage space
  • Raise one end of a bed to reduce acid reflux symptoms
  • Elevate sofas with sagging slipcovers and beds with dragging skirts
  • Elevate serving trays on a buffet and look like a professional
  • Adjust height of furniture for comfort, appearance and storage
  • Keep your furniture from moving on hardwood floors - protect your floors and baseboards!


What's in the Box?

  • 8 Raise-Its per box
  • 4 Anti-Skid pads (additional pads can be purchased separately)
  • Available in black and clear
  • Made of rugged, durable plastic
  • Multiple depressions for receiving all sizes of legs
  • Interlocking mechanism for safe stacking in 1” increments
  • Non-slip inserts protect and prevent sliding on hard surfaces

Simple to Use...


Step 1: Lift Furniture
Step 2: Put Raise-Its under leg
Step 3: Repeat Step 1 & 2 for each leg

BE SAFE: Do not stack more than 3 Raise-Its under each leg. Maximum capacity 600 lbs. per support (of 1-3 Raise Its)

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RI-CLR Clear, box of 8
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RI-BLK Black, box of 8
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820-0459 1 Anti-skid Pad
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* Quantity Discounts available on purchases of five or more packs.

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